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Missing The Boat

Missing The Boat

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A young man sets out to build a boat from materials scrounged from building sites and bought with carefully hoarded occasional wages; it becomes an object of love as each plank and screw finds its place over many months. The small catamaran is painstakingly transferred to the coast where it is finished and finally launched on an extraordinary maiden voyage.

This is an adventure of a rare kind, which not only describes a sea-going experience in authentic detail, but which also evokes the sounds and smells of a misty estuary anchorage in winter among a  fishing population who are not always friendly to this young stranger. David Jeppe writes beautiful, lyrical prose, and the voyage, with its surprising, heart-wrenching ending, will live long in the memories of readers who enjoy a good yarn and a thought-provoking journey into the depths of the human heart.

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