A Donkey, A Turkey and Me - Softcover

Otterley Press

R 185.00

Debbie Dugmore spent her childhood on the Mazoe Citrus Estate in 1950s  Rhodesia. This memoir depicts family and rural life as seen through a small child’s eyes. She spends very busy days with a  menagerie of animal companions and her elder brother Marcus. Nothing happens or exists without a thorough investigation and life is enjoyed to the hilt as it only it  can in a child's world. Everything is exciting from going to cattle auctions with her father, to sitting on a nest of tennis balls in her mother's hen coop.

Filled with colourful characters, it is a delightful story where determination and curiosity are paramount; often with amusing or unexpected consequences. With her childhood memories and Africa close to her heart, Debbie transports us to the idyll of childhood.

Please note - this is the hard cover version of the book

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