Veld, Vlei & Rose Gardens: Inspiration from South African Gardeners

Otterley Press

R 295.00

Why another book on roses? A quick look at the literature on South African roses and rose gardens reveals that the last book on this subject was published in 2006. The aim of Veld, Vlei and Rose Gardens is to celebrate developments in South Africa and to show that South African rose growers can hold their own worldwide.

One way of keeping South Africa’s rose gardens to the fore is the production of a book on the subject providing descriptions of the country’s most spectacular rose gardens. It serves to popularise South Africa’s gardens worldwide and will join the long tradition of garden books that do so much to spread knowledge and pleasure to all.

The book covers 41 of South Africa’s most magnificent gardens; lavishly illustrated, and with text by each owner providing an intimate portrait of the garden.

Awarded the World Federation of Rose Societies Literary Award, at ROSAFRICA, the 10th Annual World Rose Convention, 2012.

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