Houses of Old Maritzburg

Otterley Press

R 750.00

The old houses of Maritzburg have, over the years, been the subject of much discussion, research and heartbreak, as general neglect and municipal mismanagement have contributed to a decaying cityscape.

No longer can Maritzburg be described as one of the most beautiful Victorian cities in the world. However, business has had a role in the salvation of some of these old dowagers, in utilising them for corporate purposes; and so, too, have those owners who have the will, the love and the means to keep the homes in pristine condition.
A wide range of architectural styles is evident – for the buildings are not exclusively Victorian but also Voortrekker, Edwardian, Tudor and Italian Renaissance, and Art Deco in design. Examples of these have been selected and intertwined with the stories of the families who have lived in particular homes.  These echoes of the past that line our streets link us to the city's history and their grace and charm should be recognised and preserved before it is too late.

Featuring more than 30 houses with over 250 photographs - each
house has a story to tell.

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